Fall Story Time To-Go Packs
We’re offering the last Story Time To-Go Pack of the summer the week of August 17. The library will not offer in-house programming for children this fall.
Should the library continue to offer Story Time To-Go packs for families with young children?
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How did you learn about the summer to-go packs? (check all that apply)
What did you enjoy most about the summer to-go packs?
Did you watch any of the videos we offered regarding pack usage?
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Regarding the amount of materials in each pack and the frequency that new packs are potentially offered throughout the fall; would you prefer:
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If we created a one-time “materials pack” containing objects that can be reused for pack activities throughout the fall, would it be problematic to keep track of those for reuse? We’re talking objects like dice, paintbrushes, glue sticks and markers.
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