Spring 2020 Student Success Workshop Series
We are glad you are interested in the Spring Student Success Series. These 60 - 75 minute workshops will take a deep dive into topics around personal, interpersonal, financial and professional wellness. Attending one or more workshops is a productive way to spend about an hour of your time, helping you hone a skill or develop and curate a healthy habit for success in grad school and beyond. We encourage participation in multiple sessions, but you are not required to attend more than one.

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Session Descriptions
FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 9:00AM: Digital Detox - Restoring Agency & Meaningful Connection W/ Bob Cole
Inspired by the Office of Digital Learning & Inquiry's digital detox project [see" http://go.miis.edu/digdetox] and the grassroots CryptoParty movement, this workshop invites participants to reflect on their relationship with the digital sphere. Through discussion and hands-on exploration, participants will learn about and share small moves and tools to help restore a sense of control and meaningful connection in, around, and beyond the influence of the digital in our lives.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 12:00pm: Budgeting 101 w/ Trish Aportela
Learn why budgeting is a crucial component of any financial wellness effort, and what should be included when building a budget. You will have an opportunity to assess your own financial situation and create a customized budget based on your lifestyle as a student. We will explore smart borrowing and will discuss tips you can adopt now to minimize your debt and make the most of your money through budgeting.


THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 8:45AM: Planning with Priorities and Passions
Join Grace O’Dell for a workshop on planning and decision-making. Learn more about how our brains work, add structure to our priorities, and uncover our passions to set goals, develop good habits, and take charge over semester and year ahead. Breakfast and coffee/tea will be provided. Bring your own water or beverage.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 6:00PM: Emotional Freedom Techniques w/ Mary Sue Abernethy, MFT, RDN, NNTS, D- ACEP
Join local therapist Mary Sue Abernethy for an interactive workshop to learn the basics of the emotional freedom techniques (EFT). EFT is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. It’s also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure. Learn more about EFT here or simply sign up for this workshop! Dinner will be provided. Bring your own water or beverage.

THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 12:15PM: Leading Teams: Tools for Effective Facilitation & Engagement
This interactive workshop will introduce a variety of facilitation practices for effectively leading a group towards a shared goal. Participants will have the opportunity to build their facilitation skills and develop a personal facilitation toolkit. Lunch will be provided. Bring your own water or beverage.

THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 12:15PM: Caring for Your Introverted Self: Tools for Thriving w/ Katie Dutcher
We introverts can often feel like we're living in a world made for extroverts, so it's essential for us to know ourselves well, honor our own style and needs, and do what we need to do to make sure we're feeling at our best. In this workshop, learn practices that will help you feel more comfortable and safe just as you are— able to show up in the world in the way that you intend to, with clarity, strength, and healthy boundaries.

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