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重要事項:免責聲明• 8 號風球, 黑色暴雨警告,惡劣天氣,不可抗力,或本酒店未能控制的情況下,活動將會延期。澳門四季樂善行(“澳門四季酒店”)不為此負上任何責任。• 在活動期間,個人損傷、死亡及/或財物的任何損失,本酒店一概不負責,亦無須為此作出任何賠償或負上任何法律責任。• 參加者須確保自己身狀體況良好適合參加此活動,並且確認及同意自行承擔活動之所有風險。倘於活動期間參加者受傷,參加者自行承擔一切責任以及任何經濟及其他損失。• 參加者攜帶至活動之一切個人財物,參加者確認及同意自行承擔所有風險。倘於活動期間,參加者之個人財物損毀、遺失,或遭受任何經濟損失或隨之發生之損失,參加者自行承擔。• 本酒店可以在有關本酒店之任何宣傳物品中(包括但不限於本酒店之任何網站),或就本酒店之任何推廣或籌款活動,使用參加者參與本活動期間之影像及聲音進行攝影,錄影或錄音所得之任何照片、影片、錄影帶、錄音帶或其他影音製品,而事先毋須諮詢任何人或取得任何人批准,亦毋須就此向任何人支付任何款項。聲明 : 在交回本申請表時, 本人已細閱、明白及同意參加是次活動之條款及重要事項。 IMPORTANT: Disclaimer• In case of typhoon No. 8, black rain warning, poor weather, force majeure or events beyond the control of Four Seasons Hotel Macau, Cotai Strip, the "Run of Hope" (“Event”) will be postponed, Four Seasons Hotel Macau, Cotai Strip does not accept liability for postponement, delay or cancellation resulting therefrom.• Four Seasons Hotel Macau Cotai Strip does not assume any liability for personal property of the participants attending, and/or personal injuries or death suffered during the Event. Participants shall ensure that they are fit and proper for attending the Event, and confirm and agree that he/she take parts in the Event entirely at his/her own risk. In the event that the participant suffered any personal injuries during the Event, he/she is responsible for all liabilities, damages, costs and expenses suffered or incurred thereof. Any personal property brought to the Event shall be at the sole risk of the participants. In case any personal properties of the participant are lost or stolen, he/she shall bear all losses, liabilities, costs and expenses incurred and/or associated therewith.• Four Seasons Hotel Macau Cotai Strip retains the right to (without reference to, and without the prior approval of, or any payment to, any person) use in any publicity material connected with Four Seasons Hotel Macau Cotai Strip (including without limitation on its website) or in connection with any of Four Seasons Hotel Macau Cotai Strip’s promotional or fundraising activities, any photograph, film, videotape, record or other reproduction of the image and/ or voice of the participants, his/her teammates or members of his/her support team who take part in the Event, generated or utilized at the Event.Declaration: By returning this form and participating in this event, I confirm that I have read through, understood and agreed to all the terms and important notes of the Event.
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