Lean Digital Summit 7-8 October 2019 - Call for Speakers
The 8th international Lean Digital Summit will be held in Paris, France
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Lean Thinking for the digital era
The world's top Lean IT leaders attend the Lean Digital Summit every year to share ideas, learn and receive cutting-edge insights from the most prestigious Lean and IT experts. Since 2011, we've had the honor to welcome international experts such as Daniel T. Jones, Kent Beck, Mary Poppendieck, Jeff Sutherland, Jez Humble as well as speakers from AWS, Google, Facebook, Spotify, Basecamp...

What's at stake today? For traditional organizations, the challenge of the digital era is threefold:
- develop agility to quickly adapt to a world of constant and rapid changes,
- focus on customer experience to guarantee client loyalty in saturated markets,
- create a working context that fosters employees’ engagement.

Lean Thinking is fully articulated around these three strategic principles and the Lean Digital Summit will demonstrate it again while showcasing some telling examples through different perspectives : the customer ; the product ; and the management system that allows to thrive in these uncertain times.
Being such a permanent source of inspiration of all things digital (Lean Start-Up, Lean Software Development, Lean UX, Agile Methodologies, Kanban, Coding Dojos) Lean Thinking remains a vast territory to explore further all these methods and make them even more efficient.

If you have a concrete story to illustrate these angles, apply to join the 2019 panel of speakers and be a part of the show along with our guests of honor: Pierre Masai, Vice President Information Systems, Toyota Motor Europe, Bianca Bowron Cuthill, head of customer success at Intuit Australia, Yves Caseau, Group CIO of Michelin, Pamela Dukes of Toyota Connected and Jesper Boeg, the author of “Level Up Agile with Toyota Kata.

Submit your proposal by following the guidelines below and completing the submission form no later than 1 June 2019.

Submission guidelines:
To submit your application, please keep the following in mind:
- The conference focuses on offering delegates practical advice and inspiration so they can take something of real value back to the office. So we ask every speaker to provide a "take away" statement that clearly summarizes what a delegate can expect to get out of the session.
- Priority will be given to CIOs, CTOs and IT managers. Consultants will not be selected.
­- A case study is the story of a PRACTICAL application of Lean in the digital field. We would like to hear a personal story that you’ve experienced with your teams that changed something for you and your enterprise.
­- Participants want to hear real stories from the field. Ideally, speakers should demonstrate the initial situation, their approach to solving the problem and the resulting gains in performance and savings (PDCA).
­- You must be fluent in English, as it is the official conference language.
­- We do not accept sales pitches
­Finally, speakers should not explain what Lean is about (Lean experts from the Lean Global Network will do so during the plenary sessions).

You may have a look at the summit website (http://www.lean-digital-summit.com) where the presentation slides and videos from the previous summits are visible.

Apply now!
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This is a summary of your Lean IT story. It will be used on the website and in the Summit Guide so participants can determine whether or not they should attend this session. Please describe your PDCA approach, as well as the gains you obtained in operational performance and savings (max 400 words). NB: all speaking slots are 35 minutes long (+10 minutes for Q&A)
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