447 Halloween 2020 Spook-ta-cular
Hi residents, please use this form to indicate your interest in participating in our 2020 Halloween spook-ta-cular on Saturday, 10/31. The experience will run from approximately 5-7pm that Saturday and you MUST reserve a slot in order to participate. Expect to have approximately 15 minutes to yourself if you get a reserved slot. Gus of Apartment B will communicate with you by text to indicate a heads up and when you can come down, so that there is sufficient spacing between uses and also enough time to clean the experience. This experience is intended for children and will require parent monitoring and presence at all times.
This survey presumes you want to participate. If you are not interested, no need to fill this out :-)
What are the names of the people participating in this experience with you? Include yourself and your child's name. *
What is your unit #? *
Do you have any time preferences or blackouts? List them below, we will try to accommodate as possible. If you are flexible between 5pm and 7pm, just say "N/A" below. *
What is a cell phone number to text you at to coordinate wait and arrival times? *
Any questions?
Are you willing to take and share photos of your use of this experience for the building website? We can anonymize your child's face if you would prefer.
Thank you and looking forward to the photos from this event! The Board will connect with you to share your position on the list of sign-ups.
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