Gardens of Xanadu Feedback Form
This form is to engage with the community about their feelings for this project. Some things to be clear:
  • Neither Expo Idaho nor the commissioners have any opinion or support for this concept. It is entirely being proposed for you, the community, to decide if it's worth asking. This doesn't mean they'll agree. 
  • The project is meant to be run and owned by the community. Including you if you want to be involved. 
  • The land is meant to stay as part of community ownership, not be sold off for profit. We are proposing a long-term lease or land deal with terms that it revert back to the county if this project doesn't work as hoped.
  • Gardens of Xanadu should be open to your ideas, passions, and needs. 
  • If there is enough support for this, we will propose it to the commissioners and Expo Idaho. 
  • The intent is to make something amazing for our region that covers a broad range of interests and which changes over time to stay interesting and relevant.

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Do you like or dislike the project? 
What do you like or dislike about the proposal?
What would you like to add or remove from the project?
Would you be willing to support the project? Either through a vote, publicly announcing your support, or with other backing?
If the project demonstrated it could pay for itself and bring in funding for the community, would you be okay with Expo Idaho leasing the land or with a land deal that reverted back to the county if the project didn't meet community needs?
What concerns or issues would you like to see discussed or presented that aren't part of the website or videos?
What other ideas or thoughts do you have about this project?
Would you like to be contacted? If so, please provide the best way to reach you. 
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