KHB Peacemaking Circle Registration Survey
On Sunday, November 22nd Saroeum Phoung is leading a peacemaking circle for Khmer youth 18+. This meeting is meant to be an introduction to the peacemaking circle process, start a discussion on some broad topics that are important to Khmer youth, and to find out if people are interested in being part of ongoing peacemaking circle meetings.

There is no age limit however we do want to prioritize youth and young adults under 30 years old.

The following form has optional questions that will help us to tailor the session to your needs. You may submit an empty form if you do not wish to answer the questions. However, an email address is required.

A Zoom link to access the Peacemaking Circle will be sent out to the email provided on this form a few days before the 22nd. If you do not receive the e-mail by Saturday November 21st, email Cara Than at
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The general theme of the session will be around cultural identity, intergenerational trauma, and mental health. However, what we discuss will be shaped by the people who come to the meeting. Are there specific topics, issues, or questions on those themes that you want to discuss during the session?
What are your goals for the session? (in other words, what do you hope to gain by the end of the meeting?)
There is the possibility for the peacemaking circle to continue and have more meetings. Would you be interested in having more meetings?
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