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This year, Lemont High School's chapter of Junior Achievement is creating a locally based book - "Nightmare on State Street" - filled with scary creative stories set in Lemont. As a club, we have set out to create the best product possible while incorporating our community at the highest degree. That being said, we need YOUR stories! Here is your opportunity to be published in a book revolving all around our community. So if you have a scary story that you feel is spooky enough to be published, please share and be part of our rich history in Lemont! If you have any questions, please email our faculty adviser, John Aspel, at jaspel@lhs210.net.
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Publication Guidelines: 1.) I agree that by submitting my story, I am offering it as public domain, meaning there is no copyright protection. If I checked the box above, my name will appear with my story. 2.) I agree that I am entitled to no compensation from the publication of my story. 3.) I understand that submitting a story does not guarantee it will be published. 4.) By checking "Yes" below, I agree to the terms above; if not, there is no need to submit this form. *
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