Radium Girls Audition Form
Performance dates - February 16, 17, 18  2023
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I understand that if I become a member of the cast/crew of  “Radium Girls,” I will attend all rehearsals/meetings/performances for which I am called.  If I become a member of the cast or crew, I give my permission to Lakeridge High School to record, publish or distribute for publication, my performance, photographs, and/or video information for purposes of LHS Drama marketing, documentation, and promotions. Most importantly, I understand that involvement in this production should in no way influence my academic performance and that if my grades begin to be affected negatively, I may be asked to not attend rehearsals and/or performances until I have shown improvement.    
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I have read all materials thoroughly and give my permission for my child to audition/participate in “Radium Girls.” I understand that the production requires hard work and a significant commitment of time. I will make every effort to schedule appointments and family events around rehearsals and performances so that my child will not miss important rehearsal time. I understand that if my child is cast in the show,  the show will become our “prior commitment,” and new activities will need to be worked around the musical.
I understand that LHS treats theatrical productions with all the seriousness of any high level academic or athletic activity. Cast and crew are expected to attend their scheduled rehearsals and treat the production as a developmental and enriching life experience, and not a social or “drop-in” activity.

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