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(Vid) Make Videos?
Can you help make videos about this project weekly or monthly or help upload them online?
(Conf) Science Conferences?
Can you join in online conferences weekly or monthly to discuss scientific evidence for the Great Flood etc?
(CD) Continental Drift Video?
Is this 15 minute video probably right about how continental drift was caused by an asteroid impact?
(CDT) Time of Continental Drift?
Did continental drift probably happen rapidly about the time of the Great Flood?
(Roc) Rock Strata?
Is this science paper probably right about how most or all rock strata were deposited during the Great Flood a few thousand years ago?
(Dat) Dating Methods?
Are scientists' radiometric dating methods probably wrong when they indicate that most of the rock strata are millions of years old?
(Cor) Corruption?
Is there probably a lot of corruption in science and politics?
(GW) Global Warming?
Is changes in radiation from the Sun probably the cause of global warming and cooling as this video says?
(Int) What science topics do you study most?
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