The Cadence Roundtable user survey (5 mins)
The Cadence Roundtable ( is a confidential and supportive space for anyone in government, the voluntary or private sector who sees the need to prepare society for environmental breakdown.  Cadence offers a mutually supportive environment to allow people to think through and plan action on the impacts of dangerous climate change in a way that allows for emotional resilience and professional integrity.  We want very much to design our work to fit with what members and friends of Cadence tell us they are encountering, whether or not they work directly on climate and environment.  

Please feel free to skip questions that don’t apply or that you’d rather not answer.  Your answers will remain confidential to the core team of Cadence Roundtable (  It will be used to inform the direction of our work and only aggregated, anonymised data will be made public.  

To ensure anonymity we are not collecting personal information. However if you’d like to be in contact with one of the Cadence Roundtable team, or have made a proposal or would like a response, please use the response form on our website ( To sign up to our event mailing list visit Information on our events and seminars can also be found on our website at

It's very valuable to have your input.  Thank you for taking the time.

NB Please note this survey is specifically focused on adaptation, i.e. resilience, loss and damage related to climate change impacts, not emissions reduction efforts.

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What kind of work or activities do you do?
Please mention all paid, pro bono and voluntary work, whether you work directly on climate change or not
Do you do this as part of an organisation or profession?  If so which one?
Which country, region and/or locality does your work cover?
What do you consider most important in preparing for environmental breakdown?
Please feel free to talk about preparation by society, your community or your work.
How satisfied are you that the organisation you work for or with is doing enough to prepare for the impacts from climate change?
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If you feel that not enough action and preparation is happening, please say more about how this affects you, your work and/or the people your work aims to serve or help?
If you would find support valuable, please say something about the kind of activities/events/help you feel would be useful.
Is there a way that you would like to be involved in the design or delivery of this or other support within The Cadence Roundtable?
It’s really useful for us to know how you heard about Cadence?
Is there anything else that you’d like us to know?
If you would like us to take you up on anything...
We are not collecting personal information in this survey. However if you have made a proposal in your response, or would like us to follow up with you about anything you have said, please do get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.  Use the response form on our website (
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