Random Pokemon Character Design
This is for people who want a total surprise! Pokemon edition! Everything about the character is randomly generated.

Basically, everything about the character is randomly generated:
- I use a random number generator to randomly pick a number between 1 and 898.  Whatever number is drawn will be the number of the pokemon species that the character will be.  For example, if I draw a 1, the character will be a bulbasaur.  If I draw a 348, the character will be an Armaldo.  Etc, etc.
- If the pokeon species has a number, it is fair game.  This includes legendaries and ultrabeasts.  You have just as much of a chance to get something well known like a charizard as you do something more obscure.
- For species with regional variants such as Ponyta or Vulpix, I will roll another dice to see what variant you get.
- I then use a word generator to randomly generate three words as an inspiration for the character.
- Once I roll a number, that's the pokemon you get.  No rerolls since this is supposed to be just as much as a challenge for myself as it is a surprise for you.  
- The buyer can choose what gender they want or it can be selected at random.
- Accessories, animal companions and weapons are also generated at random.
- I even use a name generator to come up with the character's name.

Once the form is filled out and everything looks good, I will get in contact you through the provided email with a final quote.  If you agree to the price, I will send an invoice.  Once it is paid for, I will start working!
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