ChampCar Live In-Car and Team Info Submission
Adding your in-car camera to the ChampCar.Live show
We would love to use your feed to help make the ChampCar.Live show better and more interesting. If you are live steaming your in-car feed to YouTube or Facebook (must be a non-commercial account. i.e.. Commercials or licensed music are not being played during your broadcast.), please fill out the form below. This will be sent to our broadcast staff for review and inclusion into the show. Sometimes technical issues may keep us from using your feed. Or we may have too many cameras already in use. Our broadcast truck usually only have two 56k modems working during the weekend. Don't forget to put a name plate of the driver that's in the car so we know who to make fun of when he goes off track, or comment on the hero driving from the awesome passes the driver is making!
Troubleshooting: If your feed is not working well, skipping, or dropping out, look at the following areas:

Turn down the upload resolution. We find that 480 is the best at most tracks. It's a good compromise of detail and fluid frame rates. What works great on Friday move-in, will probably not work well once everyone is on pitlane with all their devices watch the telemetry from their car(s), live scoring, ChampCar.Live, and texting their mother letting her know they are still alive.
Make sure your hotspot is not buried down in the car behind lots of metal. Keep it up around the seat belt bar of your roll cage. And for certain shade it from the heat of the sun. That's why mounting it on the dash is not a good idea.
Some hotspots from AT&T and Verizon may have large batteries that can last the duration of the race. These usually use a USB-C cable, They can overheat while charging and shutdown. Fully charge them before the event, and let them run on battery.
Instead of using a battery to power the camera, and hotspot, use vehicle 12v, with a USB 5v adapter for each unit.
Even though your cell provider states that you have an unlimited plan, once you hit a certain data usage, like 10GB, 15GB, or as high as 20GB, you will be throttled back to a speed that can make the video upload really choppy. We see this at the end of races with our own cameras that have been used a lot during the billing cycle.

We are sorry that we can't use Twitch feeds as they can use commercials that will violate our YouTube Terms Of Service.

Listed event locations may not be on the calendar.
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