2017 Iḷisaġvik College Summer Camp Application Form
Please complete the form below to apply for 2017 Iḷisaġvik College Summer Camp programming. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis with no deadlines in order to create wait-lists for any last minute cancellations. For more information regarding any of the camps, please contact Iḷisaġvik College Student Support Coordinator, Simon Aina, at 907-852-1766 or by email at simon.aina@ilisagvik.edu

2017 Iḷisaġvik College Summer Camp Listing:

-The grade level qualification is NOT your current grade level, it would be the grade level you will be entering in the Fall 2017 term.
-If the camp is not listed, it is most likely a day camp and does not need a application or the camp is being offered in one of the North Slope villages and if applicable to those students in that village.

High School:

05/28/2017-06/04/2017 Future Teachers for the Arctic (entering 9th grade-incoming college freshman)
06/04/2017-06/10/2017 Behavioral Health (entering 11th grade-incoming college freshman) (Nome Area) (Apply by clicking this link)( http://bit.ly/BehavioralHealthCamps )
06/04/2017-06/18/2017 Allied Health (entering 9th grade-incoming college freshman)
06/04/2017-06/18/2017 Methods in Molecular Science ( entering 10th grade-incoming college freshmen)
06/18/2017-06/25/2017 Inupiaq Art & Culture ( entering 9th grade-12th grade )
07/09/2017-07/18/2017 Inupiaq Land , Values & Resources -Point Hope (open to entering 11th & 12th grade, Iḷisaġvik College students, and NSBSD Teachers)

Middle School:

05/28/2017-06/04/2017 Allied Health ( entering 7th grade-8th grade)


07/15/2017-07/22/2017 North Slope Inupiaq Immersion ( 18 years and older)

Day Camps:

06/25/2017-07/02/2017 Opportunities in the Hospitality & Culinary Industry( entering 8th grade- High School level)

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