Indulge Gentlemen's Lounge Dancer/Escort Application
Thank you for your Interest in
☆Indulge Gentlemen's Lounge! ☆

Slurl -

We are currently Hiring Dancers and Escorts (text, voice and cam).

What You need to be part of Indulge :
☆Be prepared to Voice Verify!
☆Must be at least 30 days old (certain exceptions for proven alts)
☆Human Form Only! Tails and Ears are Allowed
☆Must be an adult avatar!
☆Be able to emote!
☆Must speak English!
☆Be female and 18+ RL (will randomly verify)
→Here at Indulge we hire all females, CIS or Trans included.. If you identify as Female but are in transition please note we do ask for you to be clear on both your profile and Ratecard that you are indeed Trans. Since we do sell sexual intimate services we ask for you to be prepared to be transparent about this to work at Indulge.
☆A Mesh Body and Mesh Head are Mandatory to work here!
☆Be up to Siren Standards with quality skin/ hair/ shape/ clothes/ shoes!
☆If Hired Be prepared to ad Indulge to Your Picks on your Profile and shown in your Groups.

You Must be able to Hear and Use Voice! We are a voice club so be prepared to speak on voice at least 75% of the time you are on stage!.

If you agree with the above rules and requirements please join our applicant group and proceed filling out the application below! Please rename it with your name and date and drop it into the application box. Keep in mind that incomplete apps will be ignored. We also only contact the applicants we are interested in hiring, but if you have not heard back from us in a few days please IM Phedre Luckless in regards to the status.

Paste this link into open chat and click to join the Indulge Applicant Group:

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