Civic Statement of Support
With its broad array of signatories, our Civic Statement of Support is intended to express the metropolitan-wide call for the kind of transit system that will enhance equality of access, quality of life, environmental care, and economic prosperity for all throughout metro area. Scroll down to sign on as an individual, organization, association, or institution.
Civic Statement of Support for rapid transit in metropolitan Richmond
We call on the leaders of our jurisdictions to unite in creating a first-class public transportation system for the entire metropolitan region. We believe that all should have the opportunity to live in mutual prosperity, in constructive relationships, in educated diversity, in justice, and in hope for the future.

We know that linking Metropolitan Richmond together with a public transportation system would significantly increase people’s access to employment, workforce development, commerce, higher education, nutritious food, and routine health care. It would enhance quality of life for all, including those seeking to maintain freedom of mobility as they age. And as has been demonstrated in other metro areas, good regional transit would also attract young talent, increase property values, and spur robust investment and economic development while helping to sustain the environment.

We know we can vault to the top ten percent of American metro areas in public transportation by building a comprehensive system, such as one identified by transportation planners and RVA Rapid Transit. We join together across jurisdictions, asking our leaders to unite without delay in this common constructive cause.

This statement of support was created by RVA Rapid Transit. With its broad-based, diverse array of signatories, it provides a metropolitan-wide call for the kind of transit system that both symbolically and palpably reconciles our counties and city, significantly enhancing access, connectivity, and opportunity for all.

Note: To show the growing array of support, we'll include your organization's logo (with an accompanying link to your website!) on the RVA Rapid Transit webpage for the Civic Statement of Support, along with all the other organizations that have signed on to date.

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