10 Question Audit
This audit helps you understand where attention needs to be given in order to have better-performing marketing.
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These are the key performance indicators that should be known before investing in media or marketing.
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If there was one thing you could change /fix about your marketing, what would it be? *
1. Have you confirmed your business with Reference USA? *
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3. Are you regularly emailing to your customer/client list? *
4. Do you have a social media group or community that you moderate? *
5. Do you do outbound content marketing for prospecting such as posting on a blog, social media, YouTube, etc. to communicate? *
6. Are you tracking monthly income goals? *
7. What is your customer/client worth on a monthly basis? *
8. How much it does it cost you to get a new customer/client? *
9. Does your advertising show a return on investment? *
10. Do you have a monthly advertising budget?
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