Ecological Forecasting Initiative Member & Forecasting Project Profiles Application
Fill out this form to be added as a Member ( to the Ecological Forecasting Initiative and/or to have your Ecological Forecasting Project Profile ( highlighted on the website.

Member Details: Individuals who want to be listed as an EFI member can fill out this form where you will be asked to provide your name, photo, email, social media, and a short, 1 sentence synopsis of what you’re working on. If you have a forecast running you can also create a profile for the project below.

At the moment there are no formal requirements for membership, but we encourage members to be active participants in EFI working groups and discussion boards. Members should be interested in building the community of practice around near-term ecological forecasts.

Forecasting Project Profiles Details: If you have an interesting forecasting project you want to highlight to the community our Forecasting Profiles page provides a listing of near-term iterative ecological forecasts.

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