PLG Nationals | DOTA 2 5v5 Team Registration
Team captains will need to fill in the important details of your 5-man team. This includes the name of the captain and point of contact (phone number or email address), as well as the country they represent. Note that all players need to be legal resident (with valid Residency Visa or Country ID) or nationals of the team's country.

The PLG Nationals with DOTA 2 for the GCC region will allow a mix of players from different GCC country (including 1 Stand in) as long as all 6 players have proof of Valid residency in these countries. This will allow teams of multinational players to participate in the same team and represent the GCC in the Regional Finals and potentially the PLG Grand Slam

Email address
Full name of the team captain
Email address of the team captain
PLG Username of the team captain (Needs to be the same linked to the email address above)
Phone number of the team captain (with country code)
Name of the team
Country of Residence of the team
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