Cohado Peoples' Game Set Kickstarter!
Help us kickstart our Kickstarter! Fill out the form today, and commit to pledge in the first 24 hours of launching. We will email you all of the details on timing shortly. Please share the link with other righteous people.

PLEDGE TODAY! Fill out the form below and let us know you are committed to support our Kickstarter. Any amount will help get us to the $28,000 goal! We will get back to you as soon as the campaign goes live!

PREVIEW OUR KICKSTARTER PAGE (feel free to offer us feedback)

If you would like to join us November 14th for the Taste of Cohado Experience Live (in Baltimore, or Live Streamed to your computer or mobile device. Use the link below to get your tickets!

For more information on Cohado, Click this link:
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