Life Over The Fire Service
Purpose: This will be an anonymous survey to collect data in helping provide a better understanding of the emotional and psychological side effects experienced by the spouse/significant other of first responders. With this information we may be able to develop more realistic and more accurate awareness programs, as well as support services to reduce the unwanted and unforeseen negative outcomes common within the home life of first responders. Data to be collected by Brett Snow (PhD student "Christian Psychology") a co-owner of the "Surviving Life Ministries", and a 30 year veteran in the fire service., phone number available upon request.
Are you currently in a relationship with a first responder?
How many years were you/have you been in your relationship?
Did your relationship begin before or after he/she became a first responder?
Has the quality of your relationship changed in a negative way?
Do you feel your spouse/significant other becomes withdrawn/emotionally detached?
Are you interested in hearing about their experiences?
Do you worry about his/her safety?
Do You have difficulty sleeping when he/she is at work?
Do you find yourself feeling angry because they are gone?
Has his/her behavior changed in a negative way?
Are you both believers in God?
Do you both attend Church/religious services together?
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