Fan and Community Group Application Form
You’ve made it to the Sydney Fan and Community Group Application form! There are limited free spaces available at each show for fan clubs, so read on to make sure you qualify for a space.

This form is to apply for a complementary space and other community activities at Oz Comic-Con Sydney 28th-29th September 2019. In addition to booth space for fan clubs, we also have a range of activities/events at the show that require the unique skills and talents of people in the community. This can range from hosting trivia and content events, being a photographer in cosplay central or being on a panel. We want to get you involved in the event!

Regular events have no restrictions on applicants. In order to be considered for one of the limited free spaces available, you must meet the following criteria:
1. Provide an engaging feature for Oz Comic-Con fans outside of your club promotion. This can include free activities on your stand, panel content, queue entertainment or displays and unique areas for fans to take photos. Be creative!
2. Promote your attendance to your current fan base including via your social media pages and email database (if applicable).
3. Your group/club cannot be a for profit organisation.

Applications are assessed and prioritised based on the level of engaging/interactive content proposed in the application below and any changes to your application will need to go through review before any acceptance in the event.

Filling out this application does not guarantee a space at the event. We only have a limited amount of space so are only able to take a select few. If you wish to purchase booth space, please contact If you have any other queries or questions about fan and community groups at Oz Comic-Con, please contact

Please note Oz Comic-Con reserves the right to cancel or alter any space offer at any time for any reason.

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