Civics First Youth Survey
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Name of Activity Involved In *
School *
Were you involved in stimulating and engaging activities? *
Did you feel accepted and supported in the project? *
Did you feel like you belonged? *
Answer the following questions based on how the likelihood for you to do these things has changed as a result of participating in this program.  
For example, are you more likely, just as likely or less likely to skip classes as a result of participating in the program?
Would you skip classes? *
Help around the house? *
Finish jobs I promised I would do? *
Volunteer to help others in my community? *
Act loud, rowdy, or unruly in a public place? *
Steal or try to steal somthing? *
Get into physical fights with other kids? *
Deliberately annoy people? *
Drink beer, wine, or any other liquor? *
Overall Satisfaction? *
10= Completely Satisfied  1= Completely Dissatisfied
What did you like most about the project? *
What did you like least about the project? *
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