Survey Regarding Re-opening Faith UMC
Faith UMC has been offering worship services online, and as of Easter has begun in-person worship on the North Lawn of the church. It has been wonderful to see so many of our congregation gathering for worship each week. Please know that you are invited to join us in the forum that best meets your needs.

Faith UMC Church Council and the Trustees are looking at a proposed re-opening of the building for indoor worship on, or about, mid-July. Church Council and Trustees are considering all data points in making this decision to return to indoor worship, including:

● Weekly average number of daily reported cases in Lancaster County
● Vaccine percentages in Lancaster County
● Approved COVID building capacity guidelines, and
● CDC and State guidelines.

We are also polling the Faith UMC congregation to gather information to assist in planning for indoor services. Our survey only has six questions--all of which are multiple choice. We ask that you simply be honest and to provide the best answers that you can today, realizing that things may change over the next few months.
Your individual responses will be kept anonymous and only analyzed as part of the composite results. We will track who has responded and who hasn’t so that we have a sense of how complete our data is. You can choose to answer this survey by phone or online at FaithUMC.US if you prefer. Each adult can answer this survey independently, or you can answer it as one family.
Name (First Last): *
This is simply to verify that we don't have duplicate answers and the respondents are part of the congregation. Beyond that, your responses will be kept anonymous.
1. The following best describes the vaccination plans for the adults (16 years or older) in your household: *
2. Which of the following describes how comfortable you feel worshipping in the church indoors with everyone masked and socially distanced? *
3. Which of the following describes how comfortable you feel singing in church indoors with everyone masked and socially distanced? *
4. Which of the following describes how regularly you have been attending Faith UMC’s online worship over the last year? *
5. By mid-summer, do you expect that your worship preference will be to worship: *
6. Which of the following describes how likely it is that when Faith UMC resumes worship services inside, you will return in person? *
Is there anything else that you would want us to know or to consider in regard to reopening the church for indoor worship?
Thank you!
Thank you for your time. If you would like to have a further conversation about this, please feel free to contact Pastor Jason at (717) 333-9238 or

We are looking forward to being able to reopen for indoor worship soon. In the meantime, you are invited to join us on the lawn or online. We will continue to offer an online option even after we re-open the building, so that people can worship in a way that works best for them.
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