Attendance Policy: Speech therapy will not be effective unless it is consistent and regular. Therefore, regular attendance at all appointments is important. If your child misses 3 or more therapy sessions within a 6 week period, The Speech and Language Therapy Center, LLC reserves the right to place your child’s services on hold until scheduling conflicts are resolved. In that case, we will place you on our waiting list for therapy. We cannot guarantee an appointment will be held for an extended vacation.

Session Duration: Session duration includes parent education/ addressing questions/ discussing concerns. Please notify the speech pathologist before the session if an extended parent interaction is required so that direct therapy can be concluded at an appropriate time to address all concerns within the client’s scheduled session duration.

No Show/Missed Sessions/Cancellation Policy: We request that you notify us 24 hours prior to your appointment if you need to cancel or reschedule. Failure to contact us (call, text, or email) or be present for an appointment is considered a missed appointment. The Speech and Language Therapy Center, LLC will charge the patient or the responsible parent/guardian the rate of $25 for all missed appointments. Subsequent therapy sessions will only resume after the missed appointment fee is paid in full. Please note that insurance providers DO NOT reimburse for missed appointment charges.

Illness Policy: If your child has a fever, a persistent cough, or a runny nose, please contact us and cancel your appointment. Because of the close proximity of the therapist to the child’s face, it is easy for the virus to be spread. Your therapist needs to see many children over the course of the week and cannot afford to be out sick frequently. We appreciate your understanding and will be happy to reschedule your appointment. Feel free to call, text, or email us and leave a message. We appreciate 24 hour notice if you are canceling; however, we also understand how illness in young children can occur suddenly, so you will not be penalized with a fee if you call and cancel for sudden illness.

Inclement Weather Policy: We follow the same inclement weather policy as Cobb County Schools and Douglas County Schools. If school closes for the day due to inclement weather, we will cancel all appointments for that day. If schools close at noon due to weather concerns, we will automatically cancel all appointments after 12:00. Many clients keep the same appointment time each week, in which case it is understood that you will be seen at the same time on the following week. If there is an inclement weather event when school is not in session, The Speech and Language Therapy Center, LLC will send a message to all scheduled clients detailing the office’s status.

I have read and accept all policies pertaining to attendance, missed appointments, illness, and inclement weather.

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