Deptford X Fringe 2019
Project submission form for Deptford X Fringe 2018. Deadline 9th July 2019.

Please refer to the guidelines for application on our website BEFORE completing this application form.

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If you are applying for a group show please upload a document with all your artist names and social media handles and contact email address.
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Please be accurate, we need to know the total number of artists participating for monitoring purposes.
Curator(s) name (if applicable)
Title of the proposed artwork / project / exhibition / event *
Please provide the title as you want it to appear in the programme. 8 word maximum.
Please provide a short 15 word description of your work for the programme *
Print space on the programme is limited so please provide a short version to go into the printed programme. You only have a 15 word allocation for this and if needed Deptford X reserves the right to edit this down further if required.
Long Statement about the artwork / project / exhibition / event *
Please provide a simple statement and explanation of your proposal — 50 words maximum. This information may be edited by Deptford X and used for the programme/website and other related publicity. Use this opportunity to give audiences an idea what to expect; e.g. mention type of work on show / the topics or subjects it addresses / any special requirements.
Please provide the address & postcode of your confirmed venue, in the following format: venue, street address, postcode. Please double check their opening times, if applicable, and other important details.
Please provide the full name and telephone number of the venue host who has given you permission to use their space *
We require full name and contact number for verification, so please ensure your venue is aware that you are passing on their details (with their permission) and that we will be in touch.
Please provide us with the email address of your venue host. *
We require a direct email address to the person responsible for the venue you are using. Deptford X will not add their details to our database, we will only contact them with regards to this year's festival and their involvement.
If your venue has their own social media account please can you provide their handles here. *
Please ask for the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - if they are not on social please respond with N/A
If your venue is outdoors please provide a google maps reference for where your work will be located.
For works in public spaces you are required to seek appropriate permissions from whoever owns/manages that space.
How would you categories your event *
Please tick as many required - your information will help provide visitors with more detailed information
Accessibility Statement *
Please confirm whether your venue has full physical access for visitors with mobility impairments, such as wheelchair users. Scope has some good definitions and guidelines for what to look out for here:
Which days will your work be open? *
Please check the boxes for the dates you will be open, the next question will ask you to confirm your daily hours.
Please tell us what time you will OPEN each day. *
If you have more custom opening times, that differ by day please state this in the question below.
Please tell us what time you will CLOSE each day. *
If you have more custom times please state this in the question below.
If you have opening times that differ per day please state this here.
Please use the following format: Monday 28th 09:00 - 13:30. If your project does not have specific opening times, existing for instance in a shop window or in public space, please use 24/7 throughout festival.
Details of special events (if applicable)
Include any opening event, artist talk etc. E.g. and format style guide: Private View: Thurs 20 September 18:00 - 21:00
Will your special event be suitable for families?
How much time will someone need to view/experience your project? *
Please provide an estimate of time in minutes
Detail of any events you plan on charging for, or that require advance booking (if applicable)
Please provide information about where the public can buy tickets (and a link, if applicable). If your event is free but booking is required, please state that here and provide the link to Eventbrite or a similar booking service.
On Friday 25 October we invite all Fringe artists to open late for the public launch of the festival. Launch night will run from 6pm – 9pm, with an after party organised by Deptford X. Please let us know below if you wish to host an opening event and be part of the evening (this is not compulsory)
Will you host a Launch event LATES on Friday 25th October? *
On Thursday 24 October, there will be an invitation-only preview event for the festival which will be a chance for all Fringe artists to meet and view the curated programme and other fellow fringe artists. All curated programmes will open on this night (as well as to the public on the following evening). We would like to invite Fringe projects to open on the 24th as well. Please indicate below if you would like your project to launch during the Thursday preview event (instead of the Friday public launch)
Would you like to launch during the Thursday preview event and not on Friday late *
Acknowledgements and thanks (if applicable)
Do you need to credit anyone? Does a logo need to be included or will a name suffice? If a logo is needed please include this when you email your three .jpg's.
Lead contact email *
Lead contact telephone *
Website address(es) of artists, curators & venue (if applicable)
Your Social media links Instagram/Twitter/Facebook (if applicable) *
Please provide as URL, not as handle (i.e. @deptfordx)
Please upload your images - YOU MUST label each image with: Image title, Group name/artist name, Venue name.
Please send between one and three representative images as a .jpg. These images may be used by Deptford X for the website, programme information and other related publicity and may be cropped if necessary. Ideal image resolution are min dimension 1000pix width at 240dpi and up (explanation and information on this here: Please label image files with your artist/group name, and accompany your files with image caption information.
Please the following relevant information in order: [artist], [title], [year], [image by {photographer's name}], [image courtesy of the artist]. You need to own the image copyright or have permission to use the images you send to us. *
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