Gloria Deo Visitor Form 2020-21
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Our prospective member process requires a full-day (8:40am-4:00pm) visit during one of our meeting days at Orchard Community Church in Greece. Your children will attend classes while you observe some classes and also meet with our leadership to discuss the program. What dates work for a full-day Gloria Deo visit? Check all possible dates. *
Describe your homeschool journey--how long have you been homeschooling, what methods have you found effective for your family, what challenges have you faced with schooling, etc. *
What motivates you to investigate Gloria Deo Cooperative? What do you hope to give and gain? *
Gloria Deo families are committed to teaching from a Christian world view and belonging to a local church. Please describe your own family's commitment to Christian spiritual formation. For more information on what we believe, see our Constitution's section on Faith here: *
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How did you hear about Gloria Deo? Are you acquainted with any member families? *
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