2018 CWNC Mentor Registration
The 2018 Mentoring Program will begin February 1st and end on August 31st. Our flagship program pairs mentors and mentees over the course of six months. Mentors and mentees meet one on one to develop a relationship providing a confidential, safe haven to discuss developmental, career goals and aspirations. Mentor/Mentee pairs are made via the CWNC Mentoring team based on the mentor/mentee profile.

As you fill out this registration form, please think about the following:
Do you want someone who seems to be following your same career path?
Do you want someone who has skills in which you are strong?
Do you want someone who has different or similar skills as you?
Do you want someone who has interest in similar skills and knowledge as you but does not currently possess those competencies?
Do you want someone who is motivated by upward mobility?

The more specific your answers, the better we can match you with a mentee.

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