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Welcoming Words & Keynotes (Dr. Jochen Brandhoff, Organizer, LEGAL ®EVOLUTION)
Legal Tech: Chances, Challenges & Perspectives (Minister of State Prof. Dr. Winfried Bausback, Bavarian Minister of Justice)
Congress Opening & Breakfast (Christoph Bertling, Managing Director, Handelsblatt Fachmedien)
Electronic Legal Relations and Electronic File (Dr. Ralf Köbler, President, Regional Court Darmstadt )
Justice Panel: Digitization in German Courts (Dr. Thomas Dickert, Dr. Ralf Köbler, Dr. Wilhelm Wolf, Roland Ketterle)
Legal goes AI! Contract Analytics: Technologies and Business Cases from a practical view (Franz Kögl, CEO, IntraFind)
Redefining simplicity: Requirements for modern Review Platforms for eDiscovery (Helmut Sauro KLD Discovery, Daniel Heinrichs KLD Discovery)
Lawyers in a Digital World (Prof. Dr. Thomas Gasteyer, Of Counsel, Clifford Chance)
Practice report: Group-wide Introduction of a Contract Management System in the Pharmaceutical Sector (Oliver Elser, Managing Director, HMP Solutions GmbH)
The EU Artifical Intelligence Strategy (Paul Nemitz, M.C.L., Principal Advisor, DG Justice, European Commission)
GDPR ("DSGVO") Check for websites (Lisa Gradow, Co-Founder, Usercentrics)
1st Day General Counsel Panel: Legal Departments in Transition (Dr. Claudia Junker, Dr. Michael Lappe, Dr. Benno Quade)
How to lead your Zombie Law Firm or Legal Department back to Life (Gordon Vala-Webb, Senior Advisor, Technology and Innovation, Lex Mundi)
Silicon Israel? (Or Bakai, Head of Legal Tech Department, Robus)
Is Human Error the biggest Security Threat to your Firm? (Neil McLaughlin, Product Specialist, DocsCorp )
How AI Services will take over your (tedious) Work and create new Added Value (Arvin Aroa, Founder and Managing Director, Inserve GmbH)
HotDocs: A Case Study in Legal Innovation (Noel O’Connell, Magdalene Steup)
Will Technology really „disrupt“ the Legal Market? (Nitin Potdar, M&A Partner, J. Sagar Associates I advocates & solicitors, Mumbai, India)
A Legal Tech App Platform is not a Dream (Steffen Schaar, Member of the Executive Board,The Quality Group)
The Startup Law Firm (Charlotte Falk and Paul Schirmer, Co-Founder, SFS Digital- & Innovationsberatung)
The Legal Profession in a Globalised and Digitalised World (Xavier Costa, President, International Association of Young Lawyers)
Digitization with Quality Management (Volker Himmen, Gerhard Hülskötter, Dr. Geertje Tutschka)
Innovation with Method: Design Thinking in the Legal Department (Ralf Reuther, Head of Legal & Rights, publishing group Droemer Knaur)
Change in work values across generations (Prof. Dr. Susanne Rank, Professor for Human Resource Management & Change Management, Hochschule Mainz)
Change Journey (Dr. Philipp Haas, Head of Legal Matter Digital and New Businesses, BOSCH-Group)
New approaches to Legal Advice in a Digital Global World (Dr. Ines Keitel and Markus Muhs, Partner, Corporate and M&A, Clifford Chance)
Legal Operations: Transformation and Optimization with new Technologies (Mathew Crocker, Hans Matthysen, Laura Fauqueur, Gudrun Stangl)
Next Generation Compliance Management Systems (Dr. Nicolai Behr, Co-Head Legal Tech Team, Baker McKenzie, Marcel Wagner, Teamleader Professional Services, Bureau Van Dijk)
Legal Innovation in the Legal Department (Zoë Andreae, CEO, LECARE GmbH)
Law Firm Panel: comfortable, mobile and safe? How the working Environment of Law Firms is changing (Magdalene Steup, Dr. Sven Tischendorf, Florian Wiesner, Philipp Glock)
2nd Day General Counsel Panel: from reactive to proactive? (Marcel Ritter, Dr. Stefan Fandel, Martina Seidl, Dr. Thorsten Hennrich)
Future Discovery (Helmut Brechtken and Christian Götz, Warth & Klein Grant Thornton AG)
Language Technology Meets Legal Technology (Christine Bruckner, Language Technology Consultant, CrossLang N.V.)
AI in Law: What does this mean in the Present and in the Future? (Prof. Dr. Dirk Helbing, University Professor for Computational Social Science, ETH Zürich)
Catch me if you can ! Business Partner Compliance (Susanne Minneker, Director Business Development, The Red Flag Group)
Liability when using Artificial Intelligence (Philipp Reusch, Lawyer and Founder, reuschlaw Legal Consultants)
How do I accelerate the Business Success of my Law Firm in Times of Legal Tech, Hashtag and Co.? (Dominik Bach-Michaelis, CEO, eConsult)
Digitisation in Law Studies (Prof. Dr. Michael Beurskens LL.M., Daniella Domokos, Dr. Peter Röhm, Tianyu Yuan)
Customer experience and Legal Tech (Maria Jesus González-Espejo, Member of the Board, European Legal Technology Association (ELTA))
Cost Control: Keep Costs under Control with Legal Spend Management (David J. Deutsch, Philipp Glock)
Clifford Chance in a Digital World (Sandra Thiel, Anthony Vigneron)
Cultural Change as the Key to Digital Transformation (Prof. Dr. Markus H. Dahm, Digital Transformation Thought Leader, IBM Germany GmbH)
Pactumize (Anders Perméus, Founder, Pactumize)
Legal Innovation at Boehringer Ingelheim (Dr. Andreas Lenk, LL.M., Senior Legal Counsel and Attorney, Boehringer Ingelheim)
Creative Brain Hacks for lawyers (Karim Mustaghni, Entrepreneur, Investor, Artist, Global Shapers Frankfurt (World Economic Forum) / CREATVS)
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Workshop: Legal Design Workshop
Workshop: Legal Project Management
Coaching: Legal Design & Legal Tech & Legal Innovation
Coaching: Leadership - Your role as a Leader
Coaching: Leadership - Your role as a General Counsel
Coaching: Leading an innovative law firm in the digital age
Coaching: What is the necessary digital or agile mindset for crafting opportunities with new technologies?
Coaching: New team culture in progressive agile law firms
Coaching: Strategic Development for law firms and your career
Coaching: Legal Coaching
Coaching: Stand-up-Meeting: Legal Project Management
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