Hunny Bunny Rabbitry Application
This application must be filled out for you to be considered to be added to our waitlist and to be considered to purchase a bun. Please be as thorough as possible.
First name and last initial. *
Phone number to contact you (Please reach out via phone, facebook or instagram after completing this application.) *
Are you above 18? (If you are not, please leave this page and have a parent/guardian contact us.) *
About where are you located? *
Do you want a pet bunny, a brood bunny, or a show/4H bunny? *
Do you want a buck or a doe? *
Do you have a color preference? (If yes, type color(s) in section labeled “other”.) *
Do you have an age preference? *
Do you have any experience with rabbits? (If yes, please explain in section labeled “other”.) *
Where are you planning on houseing the bunny? (Please explain in detail. If approved we will ask for a photo of your housing for your rabbit before allowing you to reserve a bunny.)(Include whether you will be housing them indoor or outdoor.) *
What is the typical lifespan of a rabbit? *
What food are you planning to feed the bunny? *
At what age can you feed a rabbit fruits and veggies? *
How much hay should be part of a rabbits daily diet? *
Have you done your research about bunnies? Are you ready for the time and monetary commitment (our babies range in price from $150-$200) it takes to take care of a bunny? *
Have you read our sales policy? (If no, please read it before submitting this application.) *
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