ICC Co-Sponsorship Request 2019-2020
Student clubs and organizations may request co-sponsorship from the Inter-Club Council for events and activities. Funds must be used for on-campus activities and approved conferences. Only groups with an active status may be considered for co-sponsorship, and no student group may receive more than $500.00 per semester. Priority will be given to proposals that meet the following criteria:

1. Proposals that benefit the general student population (on-campus events that are open to all students).
2. Proposals that include collaboration among two or more student groups.
3. Proposals which have funding from the originating student group(s).

A representative from the requesting group will be required to present the proposal once the request has been placed on an ICC meeting agenda. If a representative from your student club or organization is not in attendance for the ICC meeting, your co-sponsorship request may be tabled until the next meeting.

ICC Agendas are published on the Friday before each meeting date.
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