CNN Documentary Series: Detroit in the Early 1960s
Executive Produced by Anthony Bourdain
Inspired by David Maraniss’ ONCE IN A GREAT CITY: A Detroit Story
We are producing a 4-part documentary series about Detroit in the early 1960s. And we want YOU to be a part of the series! We want to highlight the Detroit of this era and showcase the achievement and diversity of experiences in the Motor City. We are looking for 1955-1965 era home movies and photographs.

Please fill out the form below and a member of our team will reach out. If we decide to digitize your materials, we’ll provide high resolution scans or footage to you for your personal use. And if your material appears in the series we will provide modest compensation and a credit to you in the end credits of our series.

Preserving Detroit’s History is very important to us. If you grant permission, we plan to donate the materials we collect to local institutions so they can be stored, used, and viewed for generations to come.

Please email us at if you have questions.
We are looking for the below materials. Do your footage or stills include any of the following people, places, issues, and events? (please select all that apply)
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