Computer Vision and Modelling in Cancer: Abstract Submission
MEETING DATE: Wednesday 11 October 2017

Computer Vision and Modelling in Cancer: BMVA 1-Day Meeting
This BMVA one-day meeting will present state-of-the-art developments in Computer Vision, Computational Modelling and Mathematical Analysis applied to Cancer.

Recent progress in imaging hardware, acquisition techniques, and algorithmic processing of data have led to advances in detection, diagnosis, staging, treatment, and follow-up in cancer-related clinical workflows, as well as fundamental understanding of cancer modelling and dynamics.  Cancer imaging includes varied modalities, and numerous scales including nano, micro, and macro. 
This one-day meeting will be dedicated to technical advances that have potential for clinical relevance, and seeks to bring together a collection of recently developed approaches in this domain. We hope the methods presented will inspire future research both from theoretical and practical viewpoints to spur further advances in the field. 

The topics include, but are not limited to:
• segmentation in cancer imaging: from cellular structures to cells to lesions to tumours
• tracking of cells in metastasis and migration processes
• multi-modal registration of cancer images
• modelling of cancer cells, tumours or vasculature
• multi-scale cancer modelling
• image-based interventional techniques for cancer treatment
• tissue characterisation from images
• histopathology image analysis

Keynote Speakers
Professor Helen Byrne, University of Oxford

Professor Nasir Rajpoot, Warwick University

Dr Ben Glocker, Imperial College London

Dr Yinyin Yuan, Institute for Cancer Research

IET Computer Vision Special Issue

Selected papers of this one-day meeting will be invited to submit an extended version to be included in a special issue of

IET Computer Vision;jsessionid=3rffg1dr31lfe.x-iet-live-01

Further details of the meeting and other 1-day BMVA meetings, and registration page can be found in the BMVA website:

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