Frontlines Climate Justice Executive Action Platform - Organizational Sign-on
The executive branch can set the stage for a transformative climate justice agenda by taking immediate action at the intersection of climate, racial justice, and economic transformation. The Frontlines Climate Justice Executive Action Platform speaks to this opportunity by identifying regulatory rulemakings and other executive actions to advance an equitable climate agenda from day one.

This platform identifies actions in 4 basic categories that speak to the policy work and movement-building that frontline leaders in the climate movement have developed over many years, as they have forged a clear vision of equitable and resilient social and economic transformation:

1. Environmental Justice: Protecting frontline communities from continuing harms of fossil fuel, industrial, and built environment pollution.
2. Just Recovery: Ensuring just and equitable recovery from, and resiliency against, climate disasters.
3. Climate Equity Accountability: Elevating equity and stakeholder decision-making in federal climate rules and programmatic investments.
4. Energy Democracy: Remaking the monopoly fossil fuel energy system as a clean, renewably-sourced, and democratically-controlled commons.

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Current signatories as of 5/28:; Center for Biological Diversity; Climate Justice Alliance; Democracy Collaborative; GreenFaith; Greenpeace USA; Hip Hop Caucus; Indigenous Environmental Network; Institute for Policy Studies Climate Policy Program; Maine People’s Alliance; Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition; MoveOn; National LGBTQ Task Force; New Florida Majority; New Economy Coalition; Oil Change U.S.; People’s Action; Sunrise Movement; Working Families Party.

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