Remote Learning Parent Feedback
We are taking this opportunity to elicit feedback from Coleman Schools' Parents with regard to the remote learning currently taking place. If your child(ren) are in the Online Learning Academy, please do not complete this survey.

Information received in this survey will be reviewed to help assist families. It will also be used as we plan going forward in conjunction with all other information: e.g. safety of our students and staff, consistency for parents/family planning, other feedback from stakeholders, staffing levels, knowledge of quarantine timelines following holidays, attendance levels, ability to provide a consistent and solid instructional program for all students whether in-person or remote while supporting the Online Learning Academy students, information from the Health Department, State orders and knowledge of upcoming press releases, direction from Michigan Department of Education and other details.

The information and input we get from some families may be directly opposite to what we receive from others and all of these factors must be weighed as decisions are made. For this reason, the final few questions about mental health and other hardships have been added so we can find ways to assist you. At this time, we are scheduled to be remote through January 22nd, 2021 (2nd semester). Should there be any changes, that will be communicated as far in advance as possible to all families.

We would like to thank you for your input to this survey. Please complete the survey by Wednesday, January 6th, 2021.
Email address *
How many children do you have who are doing in-person (currently remote) learning in Coleman Schools *
I have child(ren) in-person (currently remote) at the elementary (K-6). *
I have child(ren) in-person (currently remote) at the jr./sr. high (7-12). *
Considering safety, education, instruction, consistency, please choose the BEST answer for your children, provided State Orders allow. Please CHOOSE ONE. This does not include Online Learning Academy students. *
Please explain your reasons for your choice above. *
Is anyone in your household experiencing mental health concerns that you would like support with? If so, please include your name and phone number. If not, please indicate NO or Not Applicable (N/A). *
What other hardships are you experiencing or might you need support with? Please list along with your name and phone number. If none, please indicate NO or N/A. *
Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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