VOV COVID -19 In-Person Rehearsal Policy
Please use this form to indicate if your child will attend the in-person rehearsal and to show your understanding of VOV's COVID-19 Policy
Singer first and last name *
Parent/Guardian first and last name *
Will your child be attending VOV in-person rehearsals beginning October 5, 2020? *
I have read the VOV COVID-19 policy handbook (located here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uKTANjAL5elpLKIdJl1Flc_U7rhY7pVh9ijDz-dMiRA/edit?usp=sharing) and agree to the policies stated therein. Failure to accept these policies will forfeit participation in in-person rehearsals/events and the singer will only be able to participate virtually in VOV. *
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