Cooperative ~ TAX EXEMPT PROFITS WITH SELF SUSTAINED FARMS ~ Joining with Non Profit
Introduction to our Church and Non Profit Corp., and Exclusive Cooperative Agreements for Green Self Sustained Farms, Cities, and Communities. Powered by Waste To Renewable Energy...Clean and Green! Donate Land for development - Partner with Non Profit - Join the Co-op - Invest In A Better Future!

We are a church, non profit, in "Cooperative" with exclusive new technology in Waste To Renewable Energy for green Self Sustained Farms, as well as 2 Schools, and over 160 other new technologies we will be tapping into. In exclusive cooperative agreement with the scientists, physicists, biologists, nuclear engineers and more. Properties will be developed into self sustained farms that feed back to the grid, and generate energy credits, biofuel, syngas and power the farms. The farms grow specialty crops (fruits/veggies) 24/7 in a specially designed grow hub. With enhanced grow technology 5 - 11 times the average harvest. All of this creates thousands of jobs, while creating investment vehicles that are TAX EXEMPT, as well as providing a huge benefit to any community. Additionally this plan eliminates the burden and cost of women's shelters, and many welfare recipients.

We are also able to generate millions in profit monthly by acquiring contaminated land, (by way of donation or cooperative agreements) to clean and develop for a rapid return on investment of 12% - 16% in 1-3 years. State owned, contaminated, judicial, abandoned, blighted properties apply to this plan. No state or company has to pay to clean the land or water. Cooperative agreements are formed as Investors join our group.

PRINCIPALS ONLY - NO BROKERS - Please confirm your capacity of involvement. By initiating a request through this secure form for a "cooperative" agreement and committing to the "Co-Op Global Initiative Plan". Additional benefits for business opportunities, investments, tax exemptions, and write off, humanitarian causes, and a myriad of advances for the benefit of people, wildlife and the planet also apply to all projects.

All Projects are Tax Exempt: Current Locations are: Okeechobee Fla. - Riverhead NY - Poconos PA - Calgary Canada - Ghana - Malaysia - Haiti, and others. (National/International Investments Available). If you have land already you wish to develop - You can join with us in a cooperative agreement and we will develop it into a self sustained farm that will yield profits monthly that exceed todays current investments. Our structure maintains a humanitarian - non profit status throughout the farms life. The land owner maintains lifetime rights to the property, and benefits from all of it's developments. It is removed from the tax roll and operated by the church and non profit. The owner never pays another bill again. (If a mortgage is present on the property it will be negotiated into the cost of development, and paid off/settled).

Donation to Church and Non Profit/Membership/Tax Voucher Upon Receipt - Introduction to Development/Technology/Science/Inventor Team - Choose Your Area of Investment - Cooperative Agreement is Signed - Draw Schedules are formed - Engineer Reports - Permits - Architectural Designs are ordered - Development begins in 1 year from inception of Cooperative Agreement - Exit Strategy 1-3 years or begin on next site.

Church and Non Profit operate, maintain, manage, and run all farms in a covenant agreement to protect Tax Exempt status, and maintain all humanitarian aspects of the entire operation. ALL INVESTORS ARE TAX EXEMPT - This applies to all locations nationally, and internationally.

Note: Upon thorough evaluation of many projects in existence today - NONE have our technology, structure, design, and profit with our unique humanitarian non profit status - there is no better investment than this. Our plans have been referred to as the Best Plans On Earth! We believe that they are.

AD Running Now:

12% - 16% ROI - Humanitarian Tax Exempt Green Projects

Principals Only - NO Brokers!

Humanitarian Green Farms with Specialty Grow Hubs
$5,000,000.00 - 12% - 16% ROI - 1 - 3 Years
8.9 Acres: Okeechobee, Fl. - Permits in process
1 year to build - 3 year exit - or Roll Over to next site

$10,000,000 - $15,000,000
12% - 16% ROI - 1 - 3 Years
14 Acres Avail. Riverhead, NY

$5,000,000 - $10,000,000
12% - 16% ROI - 1 - 3 Years
10 - 20 Acres (plus) Poconos, Pa,

National and International Sites available
Cooperative - Offered by Non Profit
WTRE is Patented Technology
Pres./Dir. of Non Profit will contact you
Non Circumvention/Non Disclosure must be signed

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