7th Grade Course Offerings
Course offerings for incoming 7th graders for the 2020-2021 school year.
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Physical Education or Dance? *Note: Student must audition for Dance or Ballet to secure their spot. The audition schedule will be announced at a later date. *
Elective Courses: Please rank your top 5 choices by numbering the column to the right of the course. 1 semester courses are denoted with "1/2 Year" and should be paired with another half year course. Some courses may require you to provide an instrument and are denoted as such.
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5th Choice
Sculpture I
Drawing & Painting I
Art 7- Illustration (1/2 year)
Ceramics I
Stage Design
Drama I (Prerequisite: Intro to Drama)
Musical Theatre (Audition Recquired- Date TBA)
Begining Strings (Student must provide instrument)
Intermediate Strings (Audition required, Student must provide instrument)
Advanced Strings (Audition required, Student must provide instrument)
Intermediate Choir
Show Choir (Audition required)
Advanced Choir (Audition required)
Intermediate Piano
Intermediate Band (Student must provide instrument)
Advanced Band (Student must provide instrument)
Jazz Ensemble (Student must provide instrument)
Spanish- Middle School
Spanish I (HS Credit- 'Spanish - Middle School' Prerequisite)
French- Middle School
French I (HS Credit- 'French - Middle School' Prerequisite)
Keyboarding (1/2 Year)
Desktop Publishing (1/2 Year)
Computer Coding (1/2 Year)
Talented Courses: All talented students must have an IEP before checkin any of the following, otherwise select N/A *
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