Handwriting Groups Summer 2021
The Handwriting Group meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-11am for a total of 8 classes. It is for kids between the ages of 5-10. The goal of the group is to lay the foundation for efficient handwriting by working on the gross motor, fine motor and visual motor skills that support this complex skill. Parents are provided with weekly newsletters that explain the skills worked on and activities to practice at home. We will work on correct pencil grip, correct formation of letters, letter reversals and writing legibility. Participants will work mainly in print, but cursive will be taught if appropriate. Each class starts with sensory-motor activities that work on the proprioceptive, vestibular, tactile and visual systems as well as activities to improve fine motor and visual-motor skills. Only one makeup session is offered. No credit or makeups are offered otherwise for missed classes, unless the class is cancelled by Solaris Pediatric Therapy. The group is led by an Occupational Therapy Assistant and is limited to 3 participants max. We reserve the right to cancel the group if there are not enough participants.

First session: June 22 - July 15
Class 1: June 22
Class 2: June 24
Class 3: June 29
Class 4: July 1
Class 5: July 6
Class 6: July 8
Class 7: July 13
Class 8: July 15
Makeup class on Monday, July 19, 10am

Second session: July 20 - August 12
Class 1: July 20
Class 2: July 22
Class 3: July 27
Class 4: July 29
Class 5: August 3
Class 6: August 5
Class 7: August 10
Class 8: August 12
Makeup class on Monday, August 16, 10am

To secure a place in a session, please complete this registration form and call 832-727-3771 to pay the $100 deposit. The balance is due 1 week before the group starts.

Your child must be able to do the following:
* Sit at a table and attend to a task
* Can write all letters and numbers
* Be able to participate in age-appropriate classes
* Follow activities without direct one on one supervision
* Be between the ages of 5 and 10

$440 for each session (8 classes over 4 weeks)
$100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure a place. The balance is due 1 week before the group starts. No refund, credit or makeups are offered unless the class is cancelled by Solaris Pediatric Therapy.

Please provide a current sample of your child’s handwriting so we can determine their level. A scanned copy or photo can be emailed to ​office@solarispediatrictherapy.com​ or texted to 832-727-3771.
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~Medical Release~: In the event that we cannot be reached to make arrangements for Emergency Medical Attention for our child/children, we hereby authorize representatives of Solaris Pediatric Therapy to give consent for any and all necessary emergency medical care. In consideration of this necessary emergency medical care, I agree to hold Solaris Pediatric Therapy, its employees, members, and volunteers free from any liability for any injuries my child may sustain while being treated in accordance with a said medical release. If required, I instruct Solaris Pediatric Therapy to inform emergency medical staff to transport my child/children to(insert name of the hospital). In the absence of preference, your child will be taken to the nearest hospital or minor emergency clinic. (If no preference please put no preference) *
~Media Release~ I agree to allow Solaris Pediatric Therapy to photograph/ video my child/children for educational and promotional purposes. I understand that these photos/ videos may be used for public viewing. I understand that my consent may be withdrawn in writing at any time. *
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