ECAP 2019 Mentor Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Mentor for Code2040!

Mentors are a crucial component to the Early Career Accelerator Program. This program acts as a supplemental on-boarding for entry level Black and Latinx tech professionals. As part of our commitment to change, Mentors must be aligned with and champions for the mission and vision of Code2040. Additionally, they should be actively participating as racial equity advocates in their personal and or professional communities. Always willing to learn and grow, Code2040 mentors must participate in training specific to mentoring Black/Latinx entry level professionals.

To apply as a mentor, applicants need to:
-- Have been working in the tech sector for at least 2 years
-- Have experience coding
-- Be aligned with Code2040 mission, vision, and values
-- Live or work in San Francisco, East Bay, or Silicon Valley

Mentors will be expected to:
-- Initiate weekly check-ins with their mentee (calls, texts, emails etc.).
-- Schedule in-person meet ups with their mentee at least 4 times throughout the course of the program (this can include
Code2040 sponsored events).
-- Support mentee's professional growth throughout the program by helping them reach their goals
-- Attend the following events (more dates TBA):
------ Mentor Meet n Greet on October 24th, 2019 (evening)
------ Closing Event on February 20th, 2020

The mentor program runs from mid October through late February. It involves a time commitment of approximately 15 hours over the course of the program.

Mentors will undergo a background check and interview with a Code2040 staff or community member.
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