Theatre Bizarre Burlesque Application
To be considered you MUST submit a video. Remember that we are looking for acts that fit into the Theatre Bizarre aesthetic. To optimize your audition please provide performances that you feel would add to the Theatre Bizarre experience. A variety of skills is also encouraged.
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Performers applying to perform burlesque in the Dirty Devil's Peepshow are required to submit up to 3 videos for consideration. We are specifically looking for dark, classic, bump 'n' grind style acts that fit with the vintage Halloween atmosphere of our event. All acts, costumes, and music should fit a darker, sultry theme. NO pastel, blue or pink costumes, modern pop music or popular culture referenced acts, Dirty Devil's Peepshow is a cooch tent in Hell, please submit according to this theme. Please note that due to the restrictions of the Dirty Devil's Peepshow stage we are unable to support aerials, large props, acts with black lights, fire or liquids. Please keep this in mind when submitting your piece. If the videos of your act showcase any of these elements, please provide a description of what you intend to do to as an alternative.
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