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For the weekly missions from 4/11 to 4/15 for Spring 2022
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 Read the following statement, and then check the box below. This box must be checked in order for you to be eligible to play HvZT.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I agree that I am financially responsible for injuries to myself or others and for any property damage that I cause while participating in Humans vs. Zombies Tag. I sign below knowing full well that, even though it is against the rules of the game, I may come under physical harm, I also acknowledge that, even though the game has been cleared with the University of Washington Police Department, any dangerous or criminal activity undertaken by me may be fully punished by law. I will also follow any request made by any UWPD officer, especially requests concerning Nerf or other dart blasters.  I understand that the Overseers of Humans vs. Zombies Tag have complete control over the game and I will respect all rulings the Overseers make on all aspects of the game.  In light of COVID-19 safety protocols, I agree that any gameplay outside of missions held by the officers is off limits. I agree to follow all player conduct rules and to always consider how my behavior appears to others.  Never at any time will I be evasive, intimidating, or threatening to players or non-players. Overseers reserve the right to remove me from the game if my behavior is deemed insensitive or unconducive to maintaining a safe environment.                                                            By signing this document, I am also agreeing to read the rules of the game; I recognize that I will be removed and banned from the game if I do not follow them.
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