Outdoor Open Mic - Black Apple - 5/11/21
Thank you for your interest in performing at our first open mic back! The show will take place (weather permitting) on the back patio area at Black Apple in Springdale, Ar. We are assuming after a year of no mics, we will have quite a few comedians looking to get on stage.

Unfortunately, we have a limited number of spots (15) as we have time constraints on how long the show can be. Right now, we are planning to do 3 of these at Black Apple (May 11th, 18th & 25th). So if you don't get a spot on the first one, you will have more opportunities

Below in the form, we will ask if you are based locally and the reason is we have more local comedians than we have spots available. So for example, if you are from Fort Smith and you're someone who has participated in our mics in the past, you're more than welcome to submit for a spot. However, if you are from 4 hours away and you've never even been here before, but your local mic hasn't started back up, so you and 2 other comedians from your scene have the itch to drive here just to get some time, that's not going to be allowed. We will be keeping those spots for our locals.

So the spots are open to anyone local and names will be drawn at random. If you've never done stand-up before, we would recommend coming to this first one as a spectator to get a feel for it. Outdoor shows can be a little harder to perform on, so it also might be worth waiting to make your debut when we resume indoor shows at Nomads - Trailside in June. As far as guidelines for performing on our open mics, please refer to the "Open Mic" section of our website at nscomedy.com

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS - We will have certain guidelines in place to help make our first show back as safe as we can. We ask that if you have not received your vaccination yet, to please hold off on signing up until you do so. We will be alternating mics used onstage and sanitizing them between comics. The host of the show will go up and get things kicked off, but after bringing the first comedians up on stage, the host will not return to the stage, instead introducing comedians from a mic offstage. If you have any questions, please leave them in the last field.

We will send out an email (from slb.comedy@gmail.com) to everyone once signups end.
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