Feather Sound Church Check in
This survey should take less than 3 minutes, and is two sections. We wanted to check in and see how you as a church family are doing during this time. We also want to know if there is any way we can minister to you or pray for you.
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How would you rate your anxiety during this Pandemic
I have not experienced anxiety
Very high
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How would you rate your financial situation during this season?
Struggling to make ends meet
Good, or not impacted by the Pandemic
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Has Covid-19 disrupted your income?
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How can we pray for you?
Is there a current need we as a church can help you with right now?
Are there any topics you would like to see a seminar or class on? (online or in person)
Use this section to include your contact information if you would like someone from the church to reach out to you.
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