This form has been designed to seek feedback from you to strengthen the quality of teaching-learning process. The information provided by you will be kept confidential and will be used as important feedback for quality improvement in teaching-learning process.
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1. How regular is your teacher in the class? *
2. How thorough is your teacher with the concepts and topics of this paper? *
3. Is the teacher able to maintain discipline in the class? *
4. How knowledgeable is your teacher in general? *
5. How well does the teacher communicate in the class? *
6. How punctual is the teacher in your class? *
7. The teacher provides additional material apart from the textbook *
8. The teacher shows respect towards students and encourages class participation *
9. The teacher makes best use of multi media tools for effective teaching *
10. The teacher is fair in grading *
11. Having scrutinized the answer scripts, he identifies weaknesses and strengths of students to be used as a basis for future planning; *
12. The teacher is available during the specified office hours and for after class consultations *
13 The teacher organizes remedial teaching in order to overcome student weakness. *
14. How fair is the internal evaluation system? *
15. How do you rate the student-teacher relationship as a whole? *
16. What was the attitude of teachers to extra curricular activities? *
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