Actor's Studio: Act 2 (9th-12th grade) Pre-screen Application
Students interested in Actor's Studio: Act 2 must have previous stage experience, and should have an intermediate level of understanding with certain theatre concepts. Please note that due to COVID-19 precautions, this class has a hard 10 student maximum.
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If your answers meet the criteria for the class, you will be contacted by email within one week of submitting your application with instructions on how to enroll. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Adam Sanders at
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An objective must be found in the other person. What does this mean? Why is this true? Give an example of a scenario and state the character's objective. *
Why are verbs important for the actor? *
What's the difference between objective and action (or verb)? *
What do the words commitment, dedication, and ensemble mean to you? *
What is the magic "if"? Define it and give an example. *
The most important thing to understand about a character is his/her/their: *
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