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Asheville Street Tweaks is a collaborative effort led by Asheville on Bikes, the AARP, North Carolina, Mountain Region, the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club and People for Bikes. As a group we are focused on making public spaces more accessible, safe, and functional for all users.

This project is the intersection of Westwood Place, Waynesville Ave, and Michigan St adjacent to Haywood St in West Asheville. https://www.google.com/maps/@35.5783011,-82.5801685,19.75z

The project design is pictured below and includes a mini-roundabout, buffered pedestrian zones, cross walks, transitions Michigan St into a one-way, and includes the addition of three stop signs.

To move this project forward, we need your feedback. Please use this form to submit input about the project. Need a direct contact? Email the team here: westwayne@ashevilleonbikes.com
A partnership of Asheville on Bikes, Blue Ridge Bicycle Club, & AARP
SECTION 1: 3 questions. We need your contact information to keep track of your feedback.
The information you provide will be used for the purposes of communicating with you on this project. While it's not required to share your information, we would appreciate the opportunity to share information regarding this project with you.
What is your first and last name?
What is your email address? Please provide a valid email.
What is your telephone number?
What type of transportation mode do you use when visiting this intersection? Check all that apply. *
SECTION 2. 10 questions. Get ready to describe what you sense and experience at the intersection.
Answering the following questions will help us determine the aesthetic design of the intersection.

In the following sketch, the areas in YELLOW are open to your feedback. The remainder of the design is required by the City of Asheville to meet their current engineering standards.
Street Tweaks Team West Wayne Design
What do you hear while at the intersection?
What do you see while at the intersection?
What objects stand out to you?
What colors stand out to you?
What shapes stand out to you?
What do you feel at this intersection?
When you walk through the project area do any particular words, songs, or stories come to mind? If so, please share.
What kind of flora and fauna live in this place? Take a moment to write down as many different plants and animals you see here. Feel free to draw a picture and upload it
What else makes this place special? Any personal history?
Section 3, our last section. Get ready to tell us some specifics about the West Wayne Proposed Design. 3 questions.
Want to draw a design?
We made a coloring book for you to draw with and we welcome your ideas. To submit a design, just email a .jpg or .pdf of your finished work to westwayne@ashevilleonbikes.com. Our coloring book pdf is available on the project page on our website or can be downloaded here: https://bit.ly/2XcmJxN
What do you like about this proposed design? *
What have we missed? Are there any elements in our design that you think are dangerous, misleading, or misplaced? *
We appreciate your feedback.
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