First Aid Course Booking
Please use this form to make booking requests (Workplace First Aid, Revalidation) for one or several people. We offer discounts on our first aid courses for people who book online using this form and pay at least 5 days before your course date or on the day of your booking (prompt payment discount).
Course types, fees and dates
Our course fees are (incl. GST):

~ Workplace First Aid Course (Unit Standards 6400, 6401 & 6402): standard course fee = $220, online fee = $195, prompt payment course fee = $175

~ Revalidation Course: standard course fee = $110, online course fee = $95, prompt payment course fee = $80

You can view more information at

Available course dates will show when you select course details for learners on this form.

How to use this form
First you will be asked to select a course date and type and enter contact details for one learner at a time. Once you have entered the first learner you will have the option to add more learners. You can go back at any time to modify information you have already entered. When you have entered all learners you will be asked to provided information about the contact person for this booking (if this a different person than the learner(s)) and payment preferences.

You can enter a maximum of 5 learners on one form. If you like to book more than 5 learners, please start a new form for learner number 6. We can transfer information from your first form so you don't need to provide all details on the second one. Please contact us if you have large groups and we can assist you with this.

Once we have received your booking request, we will process it and send you a confirmation email to confirm your booking.

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