Apply Now to conduct research on Collective Innovation with with Prof. Dow for the 2018-2019 season.
Be part of the team that plans, builds, and launches the next big civic challenge in San Diego (see The Protolab currently seeks exceptional people with diverse skills to conduct research on collective innovation for the 2018-2019 school year. Preference will be given to people who can attend weekly meetings and commit to the project from October-May. For full consideration, apply by October 15th 2018.
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e.g., Junior in Cognitive Science with a minor in Design, graduating in May 2020. or, Second year masters students in Computer Science and Engineering, graduating in May 2019.
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User research (e.g., interviewing, observing, analyzing qualitative data)
Visual design (i.e., graphics, logos, print material with Adobe Creative Suite)
UI design (i.e., mobile and web mockups in Sketch, etc.)
Front-end UI development (e.g., HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, or other web-based frameworks)
Back-end development (e.g., node.js, Python/Java, Meteor, MongoDB, SQL etc.)
Data science (i.e., collecting, cleaning, and analyzing large data sets)
Systems admin (i.e., managing cloud servers, setting up programming environments, etc.)
Copy writing (e.g., writing/editing for web, newsletters)
Event organizing (i.e., planning, advertising, and facilitating participatory events)
Literature review (i.e., reading and summarizing academic papers)
Video production (i.e., filming and editing promo videos)
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Constraints on weekly meetings. *
Ideally, our team will meet for 2-3 hours of co-working time every week. Please select ALL times that could work for a weekly research meeting.
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