Key takeaways (SEED Day 2)
Program of the Symposium Day 2
- “Cryptographical background of the blockchain” (Gotthold Fläschner)
- “Hands-on crypto-currencies and smart contracts” (Dr. Sebastian Bürgel)
- “Let’s buidl a SEED decentralized autonomous organization DAO” (Qianchen Yu)
- “The data problem – a legal overview “(Stephan Meyer)
- “On the future of smart contract security” (Dominic Brütsch)
- “Blockchain and GDPR: Friends or Foes” (Nicola Benz)
- Well-incentivized platforms and cryptoeconomics (prof. Claudio Tessone)
- “The data problem – an economic overview” (Byron Houwens)
- “Blockchain for Architecture” (Dr. Ina Blümel)
- “Personal branding online” (Luke Szkudlarek)
- Research infrastructure (Maximiliane Okonnek)
- “Conceptual design of the research cryptogrants platform” (Dr. Sergey Ivliev)
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will help us identify 3-5 main problems ("design challenges"), which we'll be working on during the Think Tank.
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